Sunday, May 23, 2010

LYS Tour Summary

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This was a really great experience and was a lot of fun! I wish I could have spent more time at each of the shops, but at least I know where I need to go when I need that certain something. Looking at what was unique to each shop was the best part to me. Ok, so here is my summary of my first LYS Tour.

Money spent on yarn and supplies: Approximately $400
Miles driven: About 500
Ferry rides Taken: 3
Pirate boats folded out of newspaper by my husband: 6
Prettiest pattern and FO (finished object): Alabaster shawl at Renaissance Yarns
Favorite pattern name: Scowl at Knot Just Yarn
Most practical pattern and FO: Tu-Be or not Tu-Be at The Yarn Stash and Lacy Face Towel at Knittery
Friendliest staff in the face of the insanity: Apple Yarns
Biggest regret: Not getting the custom dyed yarn at Knitty Purls before it was sold out
Most varied yarn selection: Great Yarns! and Churchmouse Yarns and Tea
Best Book Selection:  Acorn Yarn
Most unique knitting project (not tour project): The beaded shawls in Beach Basket Yarns
Most unusual yarn for tour pattern: Katina paper at Ana-Cross Stitch
Most friendly shop dogs: The pair at So Much Yarn in Seattle
Best selection of buttons: Seattle Yarn
Pattern that makes me want to crochet: Beautiful Crocheted Evening Bag at Oak Harbor Knits
Best shop locating device: The yarnfitti tree in front of NW Handspun Yarns
Shop I wish I had more time to explore: Hilltop Yarn East
Softest 1 skein project yarn: Tricoter's ArtYarns beaded mohair for their simple cowl
Best tour pattern to make as a gift: Lattice Lace Bottle Bag from Cultured Purls
Biggest stock of weaving supplies: Weaving Works in Seattle
Most eclectic: Full Circle Yarn
Best tea tasting area: Village Yarn and Tea
Roomiest yarn shop: Wild Fibers
Best environmental selection: Fiber Gallery
Easiest shop to park at: Main Street Yarn
Best shop name: Bad Woman Yarn

Patterns I am most likely to make:
Alabaster Shawl from Renaissance
Scowl from
Primrose Pouch from Wild Fibers (I love the ruffle)
Paper Pouch from Ana-Cross Stitch (I got another copy of the pattern!)
Who's your daddy from Main Street
Barton Bag from Apple Yarns
Lattice Lace Bottle Bag from Cultured Purls

My thanks to all of the hard working LYS owners and staff! All of you did a fantastic job of offering something to make your store shine. I can honestly say no two were the same, which is what truly made this tour fun. I look forward to next year!

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