Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm officially hooked

Ok, after hearing whispers and comments for many years I finally took the plunge. I decided since it was easily available on Netflix, there was no reason not to. I started watching Dr. Who (2005). I actually have to say that after the first episode I didn't like it. I watched a couple more and I still didn't get the hype, so I shelved it. After watching Sanctuary (which is like a 3 our of 5), Netflix recommended Torchwood. So, I started watching that and I loved it!  Torchwood has a lot of new and interesting ideas and a cool approach to the sci-fi alien genre. So after getting about halfway through season 1, I looked it up. I then discovered that Torchwood is a Dr. Who spinoff (yeah ok, me and the loop are not seeing eye to eye). This lead me to give Dr. Who another chance. Apparently I quit watching it right before it got good. I am so seriously hooked on both series now!

Watching Netflix is what I do while I knit at night (I work 2nd shift, so I am up very late), so I am already through season 1 of both series and well into season 2 of Dr. Who. This is a product of finishing my swallowtail shawl, as I have been knitting long hours to finish it on time for class. I pulled it off the needles earlier today, so I'll post some pre-blocking pictures soon.

Now I have to seriously consider knitting a scarf.

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