Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holiday accomplishments

So, work has been really busy, which has cut into some of my knitting time. It seems since all the other hospitals let their surgeons go on vacations for the holidays, that they are shipping their cases to us. As such I've had some late nights lately. That said, I think I have done pretty well for myself.

As I type, I am soaking my mom's present in preparation for blocking. Yeah, it'll arrive after Christmas, but hopefully she will forgive me when she sees it. It's made with Cascade Kid Seta. Apparently there is a disclaimer that you are supposed to sign before starting your first Kidsilk Haze, Kid Seta or other fuzzy silk and mohair blend yarn project. I didn't get this disclaimer if so I might have re-thought things. Because "warning this yarn is highly addictive and will cause you to loose sight of reason when it is around," might have made me think twice about using it. OMG it is so soft and fuzzy and warm and and and yum!!! So yeah, I'll post pictures after my mom gets it.

I managed to finish all of my Christmas knitting save 3 objects currently. I know I have time left, except my family is doing gift exchange tomorrow. So right now I am rushing to finish stuff for my friends and I will get the last 3 items out to my family after shipping insanity has ceased. So I will probably post pictures on here Monday.

The other bit of recent news is I GOT MY BRACES OFF!!! The nearly 2 years of facial manipulation is over! Or is it? Apparently my co-workers only have to wear their retainers at night, but I was told I have to wear mine 24 hours. They are driving me crazy so far and making me talk funny. Hopefully it will get better. I was told it is only for a year. Bleh! Being able to floss in under 10 minutes is nice though.

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