Thursday, May 20, 2010

LYS Tour Day 1 (

I started out at Renaissance Yarns which is my LYS. Nancy and Crew really went all out. They special ordered Schaefer Yarn Company Audrey for their 1 skein pattern. The pattern was designed by Renaissance Yarn's own Michelle Mauer and is a gorgeous lace shawl called Alabaster. I picked up a skein of the Mary Walker Phillips. I can't wait to be able to knit this up for myself!

From there I headed over to the Yarn Stash in Burien. Their pattern is Tu-Be or Not Tu-Be cup holders for your espresso or water bottle. The yarn is Cascade Yarn Fixation. I picked up a skein in purple passion. I have been wanting to knit some of these to cut back on my carbon footprint by throwing away one less piece of trash with my coffee. They also had great LYS Tour binders with vinyl pockets for business cards and patterns. It helped me stay organized for the rest of the day.

From there I headed back over to Renton and hit Knittery. It was a really cute little shop with a nice yarn selection. Their pattern is the Lacy Face Towel by Dianna Stevens. The yarn for that is Reynolds Saucy Sport. I picked up a nice skein of yellow to go in my downstairs bathroom.

From Knittery I had planned to head to Cultured Purls, but due to some on ramp issues, I ended up headed the wrong way and I went to Seattle Yarn instead. Their pattern was either a knit or crochet felted bag, by Virginia and Ruth Bowen (respectively). They had the best selection of buttons I have ever seen. I could have spent quite a while browsing their shop as it was really well stocked! However, I was eager to get on to the next location. So, I didn't end up buying anything there today, but I will be going back.

After West Seattle, I swung through downtown and hi So Much Yarn. On my way up the stairs I passed a woman (who I later found out works there) who informed me that I was indeed headed the right direction. I guess something I had with me must have screamed knitter. Either that or there wasn't much else where their store is that would attract traffic. Upon entering the store I was greeted by 2 very cute boston terriers. They seemed happy with all the people coming and going and giving them love. Sadly I can't remember their names. The pattern for So Much Yarn is for Ruffled Anklet Socks by Lauren Lindeman, using Happy Feet DK from Plymouth Yarn. I made sure to pick up a skein of that as the pattern is pretty cute. Possible Christmas present plotting here.

My next stop was Tricoter. I had been into Tricoter before and it is a super well stocked shop. The only draw back is parking is really limited in the shopping center where it is located. That caused a bit of a jam today when everyone is trying to get in and out quickly. I picked up the simple cowl pattern, but I didn't want to blow my budget on the yarn. The pattern calls for ArtYarns beaded mohair which was gorgeous, but spendy.

The weather at this point was totally schizophrenic. It would rain for 2 minutes and then clear into sunshine for 5 minutes and then pour down hard for another 4 or 5 minutes. It made the drive over to Hilltop Yarns East in Bellevue an adventure. Sadly at that point I had no time to explore as I had to beat feat to work. I managed to grab my stamp and patterns before heading out. They had a crocheted infinity scarf by Annelie Wallbon and a knitted slouchy beret by Teri Lum Tatman. I didn't even have time to take pictures. I am going to try and head back there at some point this weekend so I can snap some pictures and take a look around.

It was a pretty busy day. Tomorrow we will starting in Everett and heading north and west for the rest of the tour. So far its been really fun and all the shops have been really nice.


  1. Love your review of your finds during the tour! I hope you will post again after your Friday adventures (and on through the weekend). You're helping me decide which shops I will visit on Saturday since I will only have a few hours to shop hop this year.

  2. Nice Sabrina!! You are off to a roaring great start!! (And glad you like the pattern!)