Friday, July 23, 2010

SDCC Day 2

 So, I managed to achieve about 75% of what I wanted to do today. Which by Comic-Con standards is phenomenal. I didn't make it for the raffle drawing for the Charlaine Harris autograph session, so I was out of that. However, I did make it to the Once Upon a Time panel which was super awesome. It was mostly 6 fantasy authors discussing story construction and characters. They use big words when they do that. Following the panel was the autograph session during which not only did I get to chat with Brent Weeks  whom I love. He was really nice to talk to and very honest about some of his story choices. I also happened to mention the fact that I have started writing and he was really encouraging about this. Also, the book store that was selling the books has copies of the new Wheel of Time book, which I didn't know existed. Not only was it signed by Brandon Sanderson who has taken over writing the series after Robert Jordan's death, but it was signed by Robert Jordan. This was a very nice surprise. After this, I got in line for the Showtime Anti-Hero's panel which I did not get into the room in time for. However, I did make the Dexter panel and it was super awesome! Sometime after this we finally got some food, which was nice and some booze which was even better. Apparently Lori has never been drunk, yeah.... Ben, Sabrina and I changed that for her. It was a good day.

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