Thursday, February 17, 2011

Madrona Fiber Arts

Today I went to my first fiber festival! It was a good time. I mostly went to get some Rainy Days Wooly Dogs gothsocks.  If you haven't seen it, it is beautiful self striping and variegated hand dyed yarn. I had fund shopping for myself and a few other people. When the show floor opened everyone walked briskly toward her booth and by the time I got around the corner I couldn't even fit in her booth. Sadly, that means I missed out on TARDIS which is the one color I really and truly wanted. I probably spent way more money than I ever should have. *sigh* Such is my problem. I did manage to net several lovely colors though. At least I get my tax return at the end of the month! I also got myself some Blue Moon Fiber Arts socks that rock medium weight in a rare gem colorway. It was actually funny when I went to check out Tina, the owner/dyer eyed my skein and threatened to keep it because she liked it so much. I also had a really great time hanging out with some lovely knitters and spinners. I learned a little bit about spinning, fiber and had a great time checking out everyone's projects.

This is the GothSocks booth after everyone emptied it out. It looks so sad and lonely. There were some pretty gothlings and sparklies whe I left though. You can also see the lovely Stephanie (the gothsocks creator) in front.

In other news, Joe and I just celebrated our 6th anniversary! He made a lovely dinner and we had a great night hanging out.

Sock knitting is also going well. I will write more on that when I finish it though.

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