Saturday, May 7, 2011


Ok, I think everyone knows about my poorly disguised knitting obsession. However, there are other things in my life that I am obsessed with. One of which is coffee, which happens to be the current inspiration for this post. I love coffee! I don't mean Folgers or Starbucks, I mean good coffee. I am constantly on the search for coffee I can fall in love with. Thankfully I live in the greater Seattle area, so this isn't such a great challenge. My new favorite are the Portland encroachers, Stumptown. Since they opened their Seattle roasting location several area restaurants have switched over to them, including my husband's. There coffee is just simply fantastic. I have had 3 of their different varietals and not only are they all distinct, but they are all fantastic. They use fair trade or as they call it direct trade coffee and they have several organic options as well. Everything is small batch roasted and it makes for a superior product. I got to see their Seattle roasting location and I was simply in heaven. Currently I am drinking their Holler Mountain blend, which I made using my Keurig (I said I like good coffee, not that I am a coffee snob) and I am just delighted. It makes me want to reconsider using a press pot (ugh the work involved!) as it would probably taste even better.

My other obsession recently has been a new game for my Xbox 360. I got Might and Magic Clash of Heroes and over 3 days have logged 20 hours on the single player campaign. Joe and I have also spent a lot of time on the multi-player game. It's been a while since I've enjoyed a console game so much. It just goes back to the old school roots of gaming and has a decent story line, lots of strategy and fun turn based game play. It won't bole you over with amazing CGI graphics or get your blood pumping with it's intensity, but it will exercise your brain. That is what I like in my games.

With my current bronchitis issue, I haven't gotten a lot of knitting done sadly. For some reason when I am sick I don't feel like concentrating that much. The whisker cardi is coming along though and I think I am up to about 4in on the back. The pattern gets easier every time I get through it again. I think it'll make a really nice piece for summer.

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  1. Ha, I am obsessed with coffee too! (And knitting, of course, although that goes without saying.....) Where do I get my hands on some of this fabulous stuff?