Monday, September 20, 2010

Interesting Day

We had our monthly planning meeting for Sakura-Con this morning. It went pretty well. As it is still relatively early in the planning process, there wasn't a lot to discuss. There was however a humorous moment when I got an text message before the meeting and our secretary popped her head up and looked around and she said "who's tardis was that." As you all know I have become quite the Dr. Who geek, and so my current SMS sound is the tardis taking off/landing noise. Erin is an extreme Dr. Who geek, so I promptly had to go over and hook her up with the file. Thankfully since we both have droids this was an easy process. I am was able to hire some key staff today after the meeting, which was really nice and a big relief.

After the meeting we popped over to the Tap House for lunch. They had some new beers on one of which really surprised me. I usually drink Belgians and/or Belgian style beers and I never like dark beers. As we are regulars there the GM brought be out 2 samples of some of their new stuff. One was stone Cali-Belgique which is an IPA brewed with Belgian yeasts. It was Belgian in the front, IPA in the back, and pretty damn tasty. The other was Firestone Velvet Merkin Stout which is an oatmeal stout aged in bourbon barrels. It was super smooth and I really enjoyed it.

After we left the Tap House, we stepped outside and a group of either bikers or band guys walked by us. I noticed one of them had a cool Black Label Society patch on the back of his vest, then I noticed a second one did and then I noticed in the mix of these long haired dudes was one guy in slacks and a dress shirt totally dressed to the nines. Yeah, that was the manager, I was less than 2 feet away from Zakk Wylde. *squeal* No, I didn't stop them or make a scene or anything crazy. I just thought it was cool.

Meanwhile, I am over 8in on the back of my hoodie. 7 more inches to go and I can start the arm hole shaping. I think it is coming along pretty well. there have been some small mistakes, but I think they will be hard to notice when it is done. I am really looking forward to getting to wear something I made this winter.

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