Sunday, September 12, 2010

Test knitting continues as does Dr. Who

So, I finished all of the current Dr. Who series that Netflix has to offer as well as all of Torchwood (I am very sad they ended it). Now have started on some of the old episodes. I watched one of the William Hartnell (the first Doctor) serials last night, The Aztecs. It wasn't too bad, a bit old for me perhaps. Tonight I decided to watch one of the first Tom Baker (the fourth Doctor) serials, The Ark in Space. It was much better than one of the other Tom Baker serials I had seen and I really liked it. If you can get around the 1970's special effects, the acting and the story is really quite good. I am really happy Netflix has so many episodes available for instant viewing.

Along with my late night Dr. Who marathons, goes my knitting. After tonight I am half way through the third pattern repeat. That puts me at roughly 5in which is a third of the way through this part of the back. After some gauge checking I found as per normal I was knitting too tightly on the broken rib section. I managed to loosen it up some, but now I am going to have to keep a close eye on my gauge to keep from getting to large or to small again since I am not in my natural rhythm.

I would have been much farther along with the knitting, but I discovered that Xbox put Plants vs. Zombies (by Pop Cap Games) on their arcade. *sigh* When I first played this game I said "I love this, but it would be better if it was on a console." Apparently MS was listening. So I have been getting sucked into mass hours of horticulture to keep the zombies from eating my brains. The game is super fun, but seriously addictive. Who needs sleep anyway?

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