Thursday, September 23, 2010

sew simple

So, since one of our surgeons is out of town, we had no cases today. I went into work for a little while, but left early to meet Joe for lunch before a meeting. After the meeting I popped over to Julep to use one of my several member manicures I have built up. I don't get my nails done very often as I ruin them quickly. Between the knitting and all the hand washing I do at work they just don't stand a chance. I went with a nice dark blue, and as I am typing this I can see one has already chipped. DAMN! I did find out for future reference (read con) that they now have a nail polish that UV cures that is supposed to last 14 days without chipping. This I have to try!

After a bit of pampering, I headed home where Joe and I watched NCIS LA. The new season seems to be not so bad. We are still trying to finish the previous season of regular NCIS while we are recording the newest season. Same for Bones. Oh and Sons of Anarchy.... yeah that show needs to be on cable. I love it so!

I decided tonight after getting some knitting in while watching T.V. that I would work on my sew simple kit from Knit Picks some more. I figure since I plan on ordering some more needles that having a place to store them could be nice. Tonight I managed to finish the cable pockets. It's slow going as I have only used this sewing machine a few times before and that has been over a year now. So, with some luck maybe I will get to finish up this weekend. The test knitting is still going well. I just need to be less busy so I can do more than 5 rows a night. I am starting to get a bit faster at it now since my gauge is getting more consistent.

My needle pouch in progress. Not the prettiest thing ever, but hopefully it will be functional.

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