Thursday, November 18, 2010


I am sitting on my couch watching Soul Eater surrounded by knitting books and kitties. What more could a girl want? Ok, maybe ice cream and a mound a yarn wouldn't hurt, but hey, life isn't perfect. As the anime and cats need no explanation, let me move onto the knitting books. One of the OR nurses is a fellow knitter and has been for many years. She recently decided her bookshelves were too full and decided to organize them. In doing so she discovered several knitting books she no longer wants. So, I am the happy recipient of her cast offs. As I am still a relatively new knitter (1 year last month) a lot of what she is getting rid of is perfect for me. There is one book, The Knitters Handy Book of Patterns, full of basic pattern recipes for different i tems such as sweaters, socks and hats and suggestions for tweaking them. There are also books on lace, socks and ponchos. Perhaps the ones I am happiest about are Yarn Harlot's (Stephanie Pearl-McPhee) At Knit's EndThe Secret Life of a Knitter and Knitting Rules! I follow her blog and adore her patterns. The other one I am excited about is Franklin Habit's It Itches. It's just too cute for words! So many thanks to Kendra for giving me her cast offs.

In other knitting news, I am over 5in on both of my toe up 2 at a time socks. I need to get to 8in by Saturday to start the heel turn in class. The good news is, John will be receiving a pair of socks from Christmas last year and also a pair for this year. He's my good friend's husband and he's a bit in love with comfy socks. So, at least they are going to a good home. I will try and take some pictures this weekend.

The rosé scarf is going well. I haven't had much time to work on it with all the mad sock knitting, but it's almost done. That leaves me with a cowl, another scarf, some arm warmers and a mini top hat to finish before Christmas. Yeah, yeah, laugh all you want. A girl can be ambitious if she wants. I am also going to do some small soap sachets for friends. 

(Rosé  scarf)

Lastly, I am not enjoying The Digging Leviathan yet. I am 50 pages in and it's slow going. The guy has a decent writing voice, but is a bit over descriptive. It also just doesn't seem to be going anywhere. We shall see. 

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