Monday, November 15, 2010

Reading material

I don't think I have posted in quite some time about what I am reading. Since I am an avid reader, books are important to me. I have a job in which there are long periods where I am not immediately needed  (such and opening and closing during surgery) and so during those times I read.

I finally finished E.E. Knight's Dragon Rule. Which is the 5th book in his Age of Fire series. I love this series for how unique it is. It's a fantasy series told from the perspective of 3 dragon siblings. The first three books focus on each of them in turn and their version of the story of their hatching and how they come to be separated and then what happens to them after the separation.

I have been following E.E. Knight since my ex got me to read Way of the Wolf which is from the Vampire Earth series. I always love "watching" how author's develop their style. The first book is a bit rough and you can tell  he was trying to get comfortable with himself. The new books though are really smooth and you don't notice the writer.

I am now starting into James Blaylock's steampunk series. I really enjoy the steampunk concept and I am interested in reading more of the literature that spawned it.

In the way of knitting literature, I started reading The Sweater Workshop by Jacqueline Fee. It is a book for developing all the skills you will ever need to knit a sweater either flat or in the round. She walks you through step by step construction of a sweater sampler that will include all the basic and some more advanced techniques of sweater construction. She starts with a cable cast on, goes through types of stitches, pockets, button holes, color work and more and ends with four different bind offs. I am planning to work through the sampler and will post more about that once I start it.

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