Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Moving on

So, my brioche scarf is at the point where I could bind it off and be done. I might keep working on it though to use up all the yarn, but it's being put on pause. I was getting really bored with how simplistic the stitch repeats were and it was killing my hand to keep making the same motion over and over. Gotta love carpal tunnel! So, I am now working on my vineyard scarf again, which I am affectionately calling rosé after it's pretty pink color. The di.Vé teseo is pooling nicely into stripes of pink shades. I love lace, it going quickly, staying interesting and my hand doesn't hurt at all as the motions keep changing. The lace pattern is opening up and is quite lovely. 

My progress through Doctor Who continues. I am currently watching the Genesis of the Daleks serial with Tom Baker and it explains so much! Now I know why the Daleks hate the Doctor more than anything else. 

Wednesday is the Sushi and Sake Gala which goes to benefit the Densho association. This is from the Densho website: "Densho uses digital technology to preserve and make accessible life stories, photos, and documents of Japanese American history. Our free online digital archive is the most comprehensive and accessible resource on the unjust World War II incarceration. We present these materials and accompanying social studies lessons to educate the general public about democratic principles, civil rights, and the responsibilities of citizenship." There may still be tickets available if anyone is interested in supporting a good cause. I am as always looking forward to the loads of tasty sake and sushi!

I leave you with this moment of cuteness!

This is Neebler. Yes, someone is a Futurama fan. 

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