Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It was a 6 hour tour... I mean commute

So, for those of you not living around here, it was snowing today. I'm sorry, did I say snowing, I meant SNOWING! I made it to work with no problems, but this was before it really started coming down.

While I was on my lunch break, Joe called to inform me that our truck was stuck. Queen Anne hill was covered and he had no way out of there. So, I wrapped up everything at my work and 3 hours later I headed over to pick Joe up. What usually takes 20 minutes tops took a good hour due to the busses that were lining 4th ave and were stopped. Once I got around them, it was smooth sailing. Once I retrieved my husband, it was onto Mercer in the hopes of getting onto I5. After another hour, I made it to where there was a WSDOT tow truck and a police officer. They were stopping all the cars and only letting one on the on ramp at a time. That way if they couldn't make it up the ramp, the tow truck could pull them to the side. I made it up the on ramp just fine and onto I5. We managed to make it maybe 5 miles in 4 hours, due the road closure 10 miles down the road. After sitting still for so long I started to go slightly stir crazy. I decided to start listening to the traffic information again. The WSDOT person said that if you can get off I5 to do so, and take other roads. As I was sitting next to the West Seattle bridge exit I decided screw it, this can't get worse. I exited and had Joe use navigator to avoid highways. After driving carefully across several sheets of ice I managed to make it home in a little over an hour.

So, there is actually hope for me getting to work tomorrow. I was worried I would have to drop Joe off and turn around and head back. To top off the evening I was exited to find that my dog managed to hold it until I got home. Miracle of miracles! Now it's time for beer and pizza rolls.

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  1. Man. That's almost as epic as Ryan getting stuck on the bus a couple years back and not getting home until 2 AM. I'd heard Mercer was bad, but that's just insane.

    Glad you two made it home safe!