Sunday, October 3, 2010

Current projects

Ok, the bunting it done and in the washer as we speak. It's bathing in kookaburra wool wash which has a lovely tea tree scent and a little lanolin to make the knit wear soft. It should also be friendly for baby skin. So, here is Nibbler (not my cat, but his namesake) posing in the buga bunting for me.

 The ears are just too cute! It is what attracted me to the pattern in the first place.

I am also still working on the test knit hoodie. I will take some more pictures of that once I start the armhole shaping. I have also been working on the connecting threads/knit picks sew simple snazzy knitting needle case. I am just about done with it and would have been further along if it hadn't been for some confusing directions. Here's an updated photo of it:

All that is left it to attach the outside fabric to the lining and the flap that will button it closed. It's definitely not a pretty as it could be, but it should be functional. :)

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