Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fun with Apps

So, as I posted a while back, I got a Droid X a couple months ago. I have been trying to figure out what to do with it ever since I got it. I mean all I really need my phone to do is send and receive email, text messages and phone calls. So, having a phone that can do a ton of stuff seemed excessive, but it was the best one to do what I wanted. Recently I have found some fun other things to do with it.

One is an app called Miso which is an app for checking into TV shows and movies and sharing it with your friends. You can earn badges and share via twitter and facebook. You can also check this out online at www.gomiso.com. If anyone is already on there, let me know so I can friend you. I have already managed to earn a few badges thanks to my rampant watching of Bones and Doctor who while I knit at night.

My newest app is an RSS reader by Meecal which I got just a couple days ago. I have been using it to read and catch up on knitting blogs and podcasts. I have found a few really fun ones through Ravelry and looking up knitting authors I like. Such as Stephanie Pearl-McPhee aka Yarn Harlot, Laurie Perry aka Crazy Aunt Purl, Knit Pick Staff Blog and Podcast and others. It's fun as it give me something to listen to on my car ride into work in the case of the podcasts and something to read when things are slow.

The next app is a lifesaver and is super handy it's called ColorNote Notepad Notes. It allows you to create checklists, set reminder times for notes and share them with contacts. You can change the color of the notes which then allows you to sort them by color, date/time, or alphabetically. Love it!

And now, back to the knitting.

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