Monday, October 18, 2010

A fun day

We had our general meeting for Sakura-Con today. It went fairly well, I was able to announce a new guest, Clarine Harp, who is an accomplished voice actress, DVD producer and fellow knitter. After the meeting, I met up with Joe and we hit the Hi-Life for fried chicken. Their biscuits were super good! From there we rolled over to Elysian's capitol hill location for some pumpkin beer. They currently have not only their own pumpkin beers on tap, but several others as well.  I particularly liked their Night Owl and Dark O' the Moon beers. From there we hit Cupcake Royale on our way to the car for a red velvet cupcake and some Stumptown Coffee.

Once we got home I worked on my brioche scarf some more. It seems to be coming along well. I will post pictures later when I get a chance. Also continued watching Doctor Who the Key to Time storyline. It makes me curious about the whole mythology. If Romana is supposed to be a Time Lord, why the funky name? I mean we've got Doctor, Master, Romana and Susan. So are time ladies not allowed to pick cool names or what?

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