Sunday, October 10, 2010

Test knitting update and parking rants

So, I was on call on Saturday and had to go in for a bit to work for a bit. As I got off early I decided I'd head over to Julep and use one of my member benefits to get my nails redone. I decided to park at City Center as it's $6 all day on weekends. As I was trying to find a parking spot, I started noticing what has to be some of the worst parking ever. I don't know what it is about the city of Seattle that inspires poor parking (I notice it in the parking garage at work too), but wow it's bad. I was so amazed I almost stopped and took pictures. The number of large SUVs I saw wedged into compact and subcompact only spots was just a start. Since they didn't quite fit they started a double parking chain. I think there was one entire row in which every car was double parked. Then there were other cars double parked for no reason, cars parked in no parking areas and other such. I mean how much time does it have to park properly. Are people such assholes that they can't take a few minutes to put the car between the white lines? I was teaching my friend's daughter to drive today and she even understood car goes between the lines, not on them.

Ah well. So updates on my test knitting hoodie. It is going well and I just have 2 more inches before I start the next part. Here are some updated pictures, you can see a few of my mistakes, but don't look too hard. The rest is coming out prettily.

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